Favorite Paintings 2019: Figures

I kind of think of myself as a landscape painter. But actually looking back at last year’s body of work,  I have done a lot of paintings with figures in them as well, these are my favorites. First is a painting from a hike to Gothic Basin in the North Cascades. That turned out to be a very grueling and difficult one for me, haha. But my friends and I some show powered through it.

North Cascades Hike

The next one is a painting from Plein Air Washington Artists annual paint-in; we usually start and cap the painting season with an indoor painting session and pot luck. It’s always enjoyable to reconnect with old friends and meet new members. We had a set up this time with multiple models sitting together, which is great for me since I rarely have the opportunity to paint 2 models at the same time.

Table For Two

Finally, this one is dear to me, because it was my 100th painting of the year! It is even more special because I did this back in my hometown where I haven’t visited in 10 years; of a scene that brought back so many childhood memories of celebrating the New Year traveling to that same beach. I painted this using some student-grade acrylics from my dad’s painting supply stash. 

Beach Walk

Anyway, that’s it, my favorite paintings of 2019. I think the paintings I really liked from last year not only have some technical aspects that I’m pleased with, but also are special in the context that I’ve painted them in. 

I have been painting in 2020 as well, tho not at the same rate as last year, haha. I’ll share some of this year’s paintings soon.

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