Favorite Paintings 2019: Republic

Going to Republic Washington Was the best painting trip of 2019. One benefit of joining a painting group is that you get to travel to places that you might not have thought to go to if painting by yourself. The small town of Republic is north and somewhat geographically center of the state of Washington. 

The hilly landscape is different from the rain soaked coniferous forests of the Puget Sound, but also different from the arid vistas of Eastern Washington.

I had such a great time painting there, I hope I could go back again. I even sold a painting! I never got to take a good picture of it, but here it is:

The people in Republic were nice and welcoming. One of the highlights was meeting this guy who was riding a mustang that he caught and then raised himself! A real life cowboy.

 When things get back to normal, a painting trip is definitely in the cards for me.

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