2019 Paintings Retrospective

I set out to do 100 paintings in 2019. It was a big challenge, and I just managed to do my 100th painting on December 30. I put together a highlight video of some of my favorites. Enjoy:

This was more of challenge than I thought initially, even though most of these were really small paintings. But I feel like I've really improved as an artist by taking on this challenge. I'm a big believer in brush miles; that your work improves just by doing a lot of it. And I've been quite gratified to hear some of my friends actually tell me that my art has visibly improved as they followed my journey on Facebook.

In addition to practice, I've also taken lessons from Jim Lamb, Darrell Anderson, gotten some great advice from Jamie Bollenbach, and even online critiques from Phil Starke. One thing I've learned landscape-wise is to not just work on making far things look far via aerial perspective, but also to try to make near things look near, with values, color, and even thickness of paint.

I'm trying to start blogging more regularly again; I think I'll start by talking about some of the works that I enjoyed the most from last year's series in the next few weeks.

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