Bridge over Sammamish River (sold)

This was one of my first attempts to combine my passions of riding a bicycle and paint plein air. Thanks to my friend Dan who bought this painting after seeing me post it on Facebook 

6x8 acrylic on carton panel

Father and Child

I’ve been painting again! I have sort of fell out of the habit of painting with only doing sporadic work  in the last couple of years. But this year I resolved to do at least 100 paintings. This is #27, ‘Father and Child’

I’ve been posting my paintings on Facebook, but thought I should start posting my work on here also.  So people can find it without having to be on social media. Unlike posting on Facebook posting on a website is kind of a lonely endeavor, you post something and wonder if anyone out there will ever see it. But I’m tired of this blog being stale, so here’s a painting for you :)