By the pond

I've been trying to push my values a lot, making the darks really dark, and pushing the far objects much lighter than they appear to my eye. Maybe in this one I pushed the darks too far. But I guess we need to push if we want to go far.

If I haven't been posting much it's because I've been spending a lot of time cycling this summer. And while it is fun, I get home too exhausted to take pictures of my paintings, let alone blog.  Cycling is super fun though. I just did the Seattle to Portland bike ride. At 200 miles over 2 days, it's quite the challenge. Here's me on the STP bike ride:

Both painting and cycling have something in common for me: I'm not naturally good at either! But I enjoy them and I practice at them. And somehow I get better. Back in February, doing even 20 miles was a struggle, and last week I did 200. I hope the same goes with my painting efforts, slowly things that are difficult become less so, and things that seem impossible become only difficult. That is my hope.