Cat Tails

This is my favorite from the Sedona workshop. We were painting by a scenic Oak Creek, a scenic river that goes through Sedona. I really enjoyed painting this, it reminded me that a bunch of dried grass can be just as enthralling as majestic red rocks. 

The day after painting these, I went and checked out various galleries in Sedona. One of them had an exhibit of Grand Canyon paintings. It was awe inspiring, I think the Grand Canyon is now on my painting spot bucket list.

Snoopy Rock

One of these rocks was supposed to look like Snoopy from a certain angle. But I guess not from our particular vantage point. This is of course another painting from the Sedona workshop with Michael Chesley Johnson. I set a personal goal that day of getting better at drawing accuracy. So I was really gratified when Michael told me that this painting was "well observed."

In other news, I'm having a lot of fun in my new job. The longer commute leaves me less time to paint though (that's an excuse, I'm also playing a lot of Dragon Age Inquisition). On the other hand riding the bus has given me opportunities to sketch. Here's one from today:

Afternoon at Cathedral Rock

I spent a week in Sedona early April, to attend a workshop with Michael Chesley Johnson. I got some goos critique and instruction, and great experience with the small group of people that attended the workshop. Sedona has some really interesting landscape, and really quite inspiring. 

The lesson for the day was values, and how you only needed 4 main values to convincingly convey a landscape. I set out on my own in the afternoon and tried to apply that principle into this painting. This was also my first painting that was nearly all done with a palette knife. It was fun and sometimes frustrating. As is so much in art, I guess!

Beyond the flowers

It's a rare thing tho have a landscape where half the painting is pink. But that's what you get when painting the tulip fields. There are so many interesting old barns in the Skagit valley. This one right by the tulip fields is kind of difficult to resist painting it.

Easter Tulips

Happy Easter! Couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of painting the tulip fields with some artist friends. I first saw the tulip fields in the Skagit Valley a few years ago during Easter weekend when my parents came to visit. They are truly magical.

I've long associated Easter with the oppressive heat and humidity of summer in the Philippines. Only when I came to the cooler climes of the US did I fully realize that Easter came with spring, and the apt metaphor for renewal and the rising to new life. Happy Easter everyone.