Christmas Tape

Tape is one of those unsung heroes of the Christmas season. How would you wrap presents without them? In fact, I was wrapping a few things when I noticed the really interesting shape of this tape dispenser; which then prompted me to paint it.

Christmas Tape
I'm writing this on the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, so I'm feeling a bit pensive, and reflective. 2014 has been a good year, it was filled with accomplishments and failures; acceptance and rejection; laughter and... well not too many tears, really. Art wise, I've gotten a couple of minor awards, got accepted to a couple of shows, and rejected from some as well. But both at work and in my personal life there were triumphs and setbacks, joys and sorrows. All of which have helped me grow; I feel I've grown in my art, which I hope is visible in these paintings. I feel like I've grown in my personal life as well, in my relationships with the people around me. As for my career, well... not so much growth this year, but I'm working on it!
Through all of 2014, I continue to be blessed, and much more than ever. I don't typically like to write about religious things, but I feel that God has been so generous to me. When my Evangelical friends tell me that there is nothing you can do to deserve God's salvation, I think I have a better understanding of what that means now. On the other hand, I feel we must try.
So merry Christmas, everyone. I'm sure God continues to shine His blessings on us.

Rattlesnake Lake

Rattlesnake Lake in the North Bend area is a really popular recreational park, and at the bottom of the Rattlesnake Ledge hiking trail. When I went to paint this, the sun was starting to set, which lit up the clouds with a really bright yellow color.

rattlesnake lake
My painting has slowed down a bit, The days get colder and darker, and I'm sort of a fair weather outdoor painter :). I'm trying to do at least a little bit of art-related activities, such as participating in yesterday's Gage Academy Drawing Jam. That was quite fun; I'm sometimes envious of the Atelier students at the Gage, who are required to draw and paint all day most days of the week. I can't do that myself of course, but I do think I have to have structured "art time." To keep my drawing and painting muscles in shape for next summer!