Sammamish River Bend

I've talked about this spot before, it's close to my home, by Marymoor Park. I love this place, I feel really calm and meditative when I am there. They say that every brush stroke reflects every emotion that the artist feels at the moment it is painted. There must be some truth to it, because I feel this is one of my best plein air paintings thus far.

Sammamish River Bend
And since I believe this to be my best painting, I submitted it to the painting this year's Plein Air Washington art show, "Nature's Gift of Water". Unfortunately, it was not accepted into the show. It's not easy to be rejected for what you feel is your best work, but life is full of rejection, isn't it. We can only try again.
For this show, a small plein air piece was to be accompanied by a bigger work. Below was what I submitted; at 20x30, it's the largest painting I've done so far.
But did you catch any fish (original)

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