Bagley Lake, plus a "Thank you" this Thanksgiving weekend

Bagley Lake is a really scenic lake in the Mt. Baker area. There is a nice and easy loop trail around the lake, and everywhere you walked around the lake seemed to be a really pretty painting spot. In fact, the Canadian art group I met were there, spread out painting along the trail. In the end I painted this on the bridge at one end of the lake.

Bagley Lake
It is the end of Thanksgiving weekend in the United States. They say that having a thankful attitude is the key to happiness; and in fact there is growing scientific evidence that this is so. Certainly, my life is filled with abundant blessings, and I am quite thankful for each and every one of them. I'm thankful in particular to the people in my life: my family, my friends, and my colleagues.
This year, I have met so many wonderful people through various art activities. I got to paint in a giant floating city in that unforgettable Alaskan plein air cruise. And I got to paint in every nook and cranny, it seems, of Washington State through Plein Air Washington. Each and every person I've met have helped me move forward in this art journey. Yes, including the guy in Skagway who, while I was painting, went on a rant about how the federal government is taking over private businesses :). So this Thanksgiving, I just want to say thanks to everyone, from a heart filled with gratitude.

Mt. Baker

This is a view of Mt Baker from the parking lot of the park aptly named "Artists Point." If it isn't evident yet, I enjoyed painting around the Mt Baker area immensely. Mt. Baker had a lot more snow than Mt. Shuksan, and it was quite a challenge to paint the mountain where it was completely covered in white snow.

Mt Baker
This was my second entry into the "Nature's gift of water" art show, and sadly, it was also rejected. Below is the accompanying large painting, which like the one from the previous post is 20x30. Despite the rejection, I do think that my landscape paintings have improved quite a bit over the summer. I believe mastery over anything takes time and practice, so I will continue to draw and paint and get hopefully get better and better.

Because it's there

Sammamish River Bend

I've talked about this spot before, it's close to my home, by Marymoor Park. I love this place, I feel really calm and meditative when I am there. They say that every brush stroke reflects every emotion that the artist feels at the moment it is painted. There must be some truth to it, because I feel this is one of my best plein air paintings thus far.

Sammamish River Bend
And since I believe this to be my best painting, I submitted it to the painting this year's Plein Air Washington art show, "Nature's Gift of Water". Unfortunately, it was not accepted into the show. It's not easy to be rejected for what you feel is your best work, but life is full of rejection, isn't it. We can only try again.
For this show, a small plein air piece was to be accompanied by a bigger work. Below was what I submitted; at 20x30, it's the largest painting I've done so far.
But did you catch any fish (original)

Mt. Shuksan

My parents came to visit me the last few weeks, so my painting posts have stopped. This means that while the rain is back here in the Seattle area, I have a few plein air paintings on my backlog from sunnier days that seems quite distant now.

mt shuksan
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This is a painting of Mt. Shuksan, from my trip to Mt. Baker. I found so much inspiration in that area, with its mountains and lakes and trees, I feel like I've grown as an artist just by being there.