Postcards from Mt. Baker

Wow, it was a perfect weekend to visit the Mt. Baker area, with the sun out, and not a cloud in the sky both on Saturday and Sunday. With Mt. Baker on one side, Mt. Shuksan on the other side, and lakes all around, it's a painting paradise. The mountains and the lakes there are so stunning, there were more pretty spots than I had time or energy to paint for. I did 5 plein air paintings though, plus these two postcards. So it was a productive weekend!

Mt Baker Postcard
Mt. Baker
I stayed at the Mountaineers' Baker Lodge, which is a volunteer-hostel type thing. It's a great super affordable place to stay, snoring people in neighboring bunks notwithstanding. We had to help with the chores (I did a bit of food prep), and you get to meet some really interesting people. There were two Canadian groups staying at the lodge when I was there, a hiking group, and a different artist group. I really enjoyed looking at the artist group's sketches and paintings; and did some night photography with a few on the hiking group. As many of you know, I'm not a very social person, so staying at the lodge was a good forcing function for me to get to meet new people.


Mt Shuksan Postcard
Mt. Shuksan
During the day, of course, I painted with the PAWA guys. It's days like this that I feel so lucky and grateful to be able to paint with such excellent artists. It was such a fantastic weekend. I have to thank Plein Air Washington in general for organizing this trip, and Mami Shimomura for accompanying me and feeding me :). And thanks especially to Janice Webb Kirstein, who encouraged me to go to the paint out and suggesting that I stay at Baker Lodge.

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