Late Summer at Discovery Park

Discovery Park is the largest park in Seattle. It is also quite far from where I live so this was the first time I've been there. Spending a nice warm Saturday with the PAWA guys in this peaceful park was just what I needed. Paintings are difficult to photograph, but this one is really difficult for me to tell if it is close or not. My computer screen isn't very good at displaying yellow, and in my painting the ground has a pretty saturated yellow on it.

(update: I've replaced the photo with a better one)

Late Summer At Discovery Park

I'm really happy with this painting's composition. It really resonates with me somehow.

Night Photography at Mt. Baker

We had a very dark, cloudless, moonless night at Mt. Baker last weekend. That, coupled with being so remote from the city lights, made for ideal conditions for taking pictures of the stars.

Camping by the Milky Way
Campers and the Milky Way

I'm relatively inexperienced with taking nighttime photos, but I got some tips from Stanley, one of the guys in the Canadian hiking contingent. Though I'm still not very good at it, I managed to take a blurry picture of the Big Dipper.

big dipper
Big Dipper

And below is a picture Mt. Shuksan at night. The two bright spots on the mountain are from hikers' headlamps.

Hikers on Mt. Shuksan
Hikers on Mt Shuksan at night
I think one of the big errors I made was not taking raw format pictures, and do the post-processing myself (instead of the camera). Imperfect pictures regardless, it was a treat to be able to see the night sky in such darkness. The last time I remember a sky so dark and clear is way back when I was a kid and we had regular blackouts in my home town of Cotabato. I remember sitting on the rooftop marveling at all the stars.

Postcards from Mt. Baker

Wow, it was a perfect weekend to visit the Mt. Baker area, with the sun out, and not a cloud in the sky both on Saturday and Sunday. With Mt. Baker on one side, Mt. Shuksan on the other side, and lakes all around, it's a painting paradise. The mountains and the lakes there are so stunning, there were more pretty spots than I had time or energy to paint for. I did 5 plein air paintings though, plus these two postcards. So it was a productive weekend!

Mt Baker Postcard
Mt. Baker
I stayed at the Mountaineers' Baker Lodge, which is a volunteer-hostel type thing. It's a great super affordable place to stay, snoring people in neighboring bunks notwithstanding. We had to help with the chores (I did a bit of food prep), and you get to meet some really interesting people. There were two Canadian groups staying at the lodge when I was there, a hiking group, and a different artist group. I really enjoyed looking at the artist group's sketches and paintings; and did some night photography with a few on the hiking group. As many of you know, I'm not a very social person, so staying at the lodge was a good forcing function for me to get to meet new people.


Mt Shuksan Postcard
Mt. Shuksan
During the day, of course, I painted with the PAWA guys. It's days like this that I feel so lucky and grateful to be able to paint with such excellent artists. It was such a fantastic weekend. I have to thank Plein Air Washington in general for organizing this trip, and Mami Shimomura for accompanying me and feeding me :). And thanks especially to Janice Webb Kirstein, who encouraged me to go to the paint out and suggesting that I stay at Baker Lodge.

River Bend

This bend on the Sammamish River has become my favorite painting spot this summer. It is close by my home on a side entrance to Marymoor Park. I painted this on a little shaded dock where people launch their kayaks. Inevitably there will be a couple of people fishing on the dock as well. I don't think I've ever felt more calm than when painting here.

River Bend
I am doing a large studio painting of this scene, and will try to enter that into a show. Wish me luck! Oh, and apologies for delayed painting posts. I *have* been painting, just haven't had much time to properly photograph them.

Seasonings and Spice

People have asked me what the bottle on the right is. It is a bottle of Maggi Seasoning Sauce. It's a very common seasoning ingredient in Filipino households, so I didn't realize how unfamiliar it is to my American friends.

Seasonings and Spice
As you can see, I'm raiding my pantry instead of laundry room for still life props this time.