Skagit River Barn

This was painted earlier this year, before summer was truly summer, on a Plein Air Washington paint out. I would notice this barn actually when I travel north on the I-405 highway, and was glad to be able to paint a distant view of it. I think there is a trail to get to it from the park where I was stationed. But it was threatening to rain, so I stayed near a shelter.
Skagit River Barn
This painting is making me think about how our glorious Pacific Northwest summer will start to wind down soon, and how the rains will be back. Let's take advantage of the sunshine while we can!


  1. very nice, Roy- love your brushwork!
    It's been nice to meet you in Walla Walla and on Vashon.
    Anne K

    1. Thanks, Anne! It was nice meeting you too, hope to see you at other paint outs

  2. I really like this one! Brush strokes and the reflecting colors. Hope to see you back on the east side sometime soon.