I was drawn to paint this bottle of detergent because of its interesting shape. You know, I think that most of the time you need to work with your natural inclinations rather than fight against them. This time I used my natural inclination to procrastinate on house work by painting instead of doing laundry.

Methodist Church

This is the Methodist Church at Snoqualmie. I entered this at the Snoqualmie Plein Air Paint Out, which was held as part of the local "Railroad Days" festival. I saw the church at a distance, and I really felt like I had to paint it.

I'm glad I did... I'm proud to say that this painting won 3rd place.  Amanda Kindregan won first place, and Mami Shimomura won second:

(picture from the Snoqualmie Valley Record)
In a bit of sad news though, I think I misplaced my painting hat in this outing. I don't feel like a plein air painter without a hat!

Glass and Cup

They say that artists are either landscape painters, or still life painters. So which am I? I don't know, I just like to paint!
Glass and cup

Sunday Afternoon

Another try at the silicon blade "brush". This was painted by the river trail as well, on a perfect sunny Sunday afternoon. It's starting to get soggy here in Seattle, hopefully there's a couple of sunny weekends like this left.

Sammamish River Trail

This is a more recent painting, done on the Sammamish River trail, close to where I live. This was painted from a bridge over the river; the Sammamish river provides some natural scenery to a town that's rapidly building up density. The various hikers, runners, and cyclists were moving too fast for me to paint them!

If this painting looks somewhat different, it's because I'm experimenting with this Princeton Catalyst Blade. It's kind of a silicone "brush," though really it's more like a soft palette knife attached to a brush handle. The tool makes really interesting marks, and creates some nice texture on the painting surface.  I like it.

Sammamish River Trail
I'm happy to say that this painting is sold to Khushboo, my good friend and colleague.

Rainy Day at Alderbrook.

This is another rainy day painting from early this year. I saw on facebook that Alderbrook Resort had invited artists to come over and paint, so I did! It was raining on and off, but the guys at the resort provided tents for shelter. I happened to be painting this scene during the rainy part of the day.

Rainy Day at Alderbrook

Also at the event were Robin Weiss and Jan Jewell. I feel like my paintings improve just because these guys are also painting in the vicinity! We ended the day having a beer with another artist Rob Kamin, courtesy of Alderbrook. A day of painting and free beer, what could be better.

Skagit River Barn

This was painted earlier this year, before summer was truly summer, on a Plein Air Washington paint out. I would notice this barn actually when I travel north on the I-405 highway, and was glad to be able to paint a distant view of it. I think there is a trail to get to it from the park where I was stationed. But it was threatening to rain, so I stayed near a shelter.
Skagit River Barn
This painting is making me think about how our glorious Pacific Northwest summer will start to wind down soon, and how the rains will be back. Let's take advantage of the sunshine while we can!

Two Roses (oil)

I revisited the two roses, this time painted them in another medium that I don't usually do -- oils. I confess, I'm not really a flower person, so I did these rose paintings as a challenge to myself to explore this difficult subject.

Two Roses (oil)
Whenever I do oils, I get surprised at how easy it is to achieve soft edges, but also how it is way too easy to blend things together into a pile of mush. Oil paints have a certain classic look that isn't easily replicable in other media -- that is a good lesson to learn. I will try to remind myself when doing acrylics that I should play to the strengths of that medium, and not try to imitate oil paintings.  

Two Roses (watercolor)

Considering I don't do watercolors very often, and flowers are the most difficult still life subjects for me, I'm pretty happy with how these came out.
Two Roses - watercolor
I really should paint with watercolors more often. I find with watercolor you really need to tighten control and increase planning, but at the same time be willing to let go when things don't come out as planned.