The hills of Walla Walla

This is a painting from earlier this summer in Walla Walla, it was still wet and rainy in the Seattle area, but it was already getting hot in the eastern part of Washington. Walla Walla, a place so nice they named it twice. It is in Washington wine country - their downtown area is filled with wine tasting rooms from the various winemakers in the area. Alas, between the painting and the long drive between home and the area, I never got to sample the wines. Maybe next time!

The hills of Walla Walla
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One nice thing about going to a paintout on the eastern side of the state, is that I get to meet my Plein Air Washington cohorts on that side. This time I got to meet up with Melanie Thompson, Laura Gable, and Jim McNamara, among others. They shared some nice painting spots, and it was great seeing artists paint a landscape so familiar to them, but quite alien to me!

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