Postscript -- Postcards from Alaska

About a month ago, I've started painting these postcards on location to send to people. They are sent as is, without packaging or anything through regular mail, as a regular postcard. So far, my postcards have gone to the Philippines, Germany, and parts of the US. But most of them go to my parents. As far as I know, they've all arrived intact (though a few have not reached their destinations yet). I find it a lot of fun to be able to share my experiences to through such and old fashioned mechanism.

alaskan landscape

This postcard below reads in part:

buildings in ketchikan

Dear Papa and Mama,
Hello from Ketchikan! My painting/cruise has been going well so far. I'm learning a lot of things as well as enjoying the cruise experience. The building on this postcard is on a street called Creek Street. It is actually on stilts and the "road" is actually a boardwalk above the creek. 
Tomorrow we are going to go to port in Juneau! This is quite the incredible trip. 
The small space allotted on the postcard doesn't encourage great prose, but I hope people enjoy these little paintings, regardless of what I write on the back.

building top

I guess this closes out my series of posts about the Great Alaskan Plein Air Retreat Cruise! I should thank again the Painted Ladies, who have been fabulous at organizing this. And thanks also to Jonny Luczycki who tolerated my socially awkward self as a cabin mate. And of course all the artist friends who have gone on this amazing journey together with me. Thanks guys, I'm sure we'll cross paths again!


  1. Your postcard of the fire station in Redmond sent last June, we just received few days ago. That's how slow our mail system is over here. But regardless, it is such a beautiful thing to be receiving your drawing through mail. The painting is actually more beautiful in actual size than posted on-line. Hehehe. It appears so priceless to us because of that awful hand writing at the back that we haven't seen for a long long time. Hahaha And we love that colorful round stamp that goes with it too :) Thanks Roy. We will be awaiting for your other postcards to arrive.

    1. Haha, bad handwriting? I actually tried to print out all the letters so you could at least read it! You should see how bad my cursive is now. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the postcard, you should see a few more in the mail.