From around the house

Why would I want to paint an apple, a tennis ball, and a light bulb? Well, they happened to be around the house!

From around the house
I've been spending a lot of time painting; trying to get better at it. I don't think I have any natural aptitude for painting, really. Just ask people who have seen my high school doodles. So to get any better, I need to practice much more than people who have talent for this.
As a side effect of painting a lot, I have quite a stack of paintings and a bit of a backlog to post here. So I'll continue to post some work every few days til I run out of paintings to show. I'm not really shy about sharing my paintings, so you will see here some good but also many (in my mind) not so good paintings. Good or bad, I'm proud of them because every painting is a step in my journey.

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