Deck 7

Of all my paintings during the Alaska cruise, this is probably my favorite. I really like the abstract quality of it; that it's not apparent what the painting is about. As the title suggests, this is a painting done on Deck 7 of the ship. It is the deck where you can walk all the way around the ship on the outside, with some covered areas. The circle on the top right is actually a clock.

When I did this, I tried to keep in mind some of Larry Seiler's advice. So I tried to make a painting with a non-centered composition, asymmetric balance, and a wide range of values. But more than the rules, when I saw this scene while walking on the ship, the pattern of light and dark really resonated with me. The strongly geometric design practically screamed "paint me!" And so despite its abstract quality, this illustrates to me how a painting can capture what I saw and *felt* at the time better than any photograph.

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