Two Cokes

I really like painting coke bottles and cans. The bottles are iconic of course, and I love the bold red cut off lettering on the cans of Diet Coke.

While hanging out with Melanie Thompson and Laura Gable in Walla Walla, the subject of my Daily Paintworks membership came up. Apparently both Melanie and Laura are on there as well. It dawned on me that I haven't put anything new up for sale there since September! And it doesn't make sense to keep paying the monthly fee if I don't put anything for sale.

So I thought I should either cancel it, or put more stuff out there. I think I decided to put stuff out for auction, starting with this one. I'm not always happy with how my paintings come out, but I really like this one, I like looking at it, I like how it's not very fussy. I even like the weird shadow on the right.

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