Santa Cruise

I'm proud to say that this little portrait of Santa, painted from life (!!!), won an award on the cruise. The award was called Carl and Sarah's pick. Carl and Sarah Judson, of course of the guerrilla painter, and Judsons Art Outfitter fame.

Santa Cruise
How did I end up doing a portrait of Father Christmas on a plein air event? Well, there was actually a Santa convention on the cruise ship! It was somewhat surreal to see a bunch of Santa Clauses walking around the ship in full costume, along with Mrs. Clauses. They were on the ship to learn to be better Santas, including learning how to twirl their moustaches, and what the proper posture should be to avoid injury when holding kids on their lap. I didn't realize that being a Santa was a serious serious business!
Anyway, the painted ladies (the trip's fabulous organizers) somehow managed to convince one of the Santas to pose for us in a life drawing session. And thus a truly unique opportunity to paint a real-life Santa Claus.
In other good news, the painting below "Towards the Blue  Mountains" was accepted into the Northwest Landscapes Grand & Intimate exhibit this July. Now to figure out how to frame it properly!
Towards the Blue Mountains

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