A break from the rain: a view of the mountains from Juneau

The weather was not very cooperative during the Alaskan cruise, as it rained much of the time. But that is part of the fun and challenge of plein air painting! Living in the Seattle area, working around the rain is an important skill to learn; but I did have to give up a painting or two during the cruise because of it.

Mountains from Juneau

We had a bit of sunshine in Juneau though, which allowed me to paint these mountains from the deck of the ship. My new found friend and cabin-mate Jonathan Luczycki did a painting from a similar vantage point, and won 2nd place in the competition that was part of the trip. My painting is not quite as strong, perhaps, but I am happy with the rendering of the mountains and how they recede.

I feel fortunate to have been Jonny's cabin-mate for the trip, I really admire his dedication and skill at painting, not to mention his ability to wolf down all that free cruise food! :) Jonathan, and others like Larry Seiler, Jennifer Bowman, and Catherine Gill freely gave advice as I was painting (and after the paintings were done). I believe my work is stronger for it, and I am grateful.

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