Behind the Seminary

Saint Edwards State Park used to be a Catholic seminary. The seminary is on sort of a hill, and there is a 1/2 mile trail down to the Lake Washington shore. I trudged down there with all my gear only to decide that the building was the best thing to paint. So I hiked back up; getting some exercise as well as painting done -- it's a productive weekend.

Morning at Larrabee II

This is the bigger painting that I mentioned in my last post. It's on a 16x20 piece of watercolor paper.  I've worked on it more yesterday, to the point where I think it's about as good as it's gonna get.

Morning at Larrabee II

Morning at Larrabee State Park

Still from the Bellingham area paint out, this is from Larrabee state park. I really like this 9x12 painting so I'm attempting to do a bigger version at home using this and photographs as a reference. That's not going so well, haha.

morning at larrabee state park

Along Birch Bay

This is from the same weekend outing as the last one. After going to the Peace Arch, the troop went to Birch Bay State park. I had fun painting this, and it's certainly better than the last time I tried to paint a road! I feel like I have a much better understanding of how to handle foliage, too.

Peace Gazebo

This weekend I went to Bellingham area state parks in another of the Plein Air Washington events. This little gazebo is at the Peace Arch state park, which is on the US-Canada border. I tried painting the peace arch itself, but I wasn't too happy with how that came out. I did this "peace gazebo" afterward, which turned out much better.

I am really glad to have found the PAWA guys, it is really fun to join with some really accomplished artists. Speaking of accomplished artists, one of the guys I met there is David Ridgway. He has a style that employs flat color. It is quite direct and striking. I really like it a lot.

Plein air weekend: Lake Sammamish State Park

Work continues to make it tough for me to paint in the evenings. I did get to go out and paint over the weekend though, at Lake Sammamish State park. I tried to apply what I learned from the previous week's workshop to these acrylic paintings. I really love the process of painting outdoors, which is probably to my benefit, since I really need more practice.

Lake Sammamish state park

Lake Samamish State Park

Lake Sammamish state park

Slices and Cup

I've been quite busy at work, and it's cutting into my painting time. So I'm glad to have done a little painting this week. I like how the tip of the orange slice emerges from the shadow.

slices and cup

Workshop with Jim Lamb day 2

Here's my output for day 2 of the workshop with Jim Lamb last weekend. I feel like I've learned a lot. My favorite one is the second one with the telephone pole. The last one has some nice logs, but Jim painted most of it, not me.

Saratoga Passage

I'm taller than you
Double Bluff Park

Workshop with Jim Lamb: Day 1

I had some success with the workshop I attended last time, so I took another one last weekend. This time it was on plein air painting with Jim Lamb. Day 1 started with a demo, and I think the idea of massing started to click. Here's my output for the first day. I think the white balance on the photos are a little off to the red side.

Emmert's Trees South

Emmert's Trees West