Tea and apple

I'm in Whidbey Island, taking a 3-day still life painting workshop with Qiang Huang, one of my favorite still life painters. It's just the first day,but I've learned so much already. I think this painting is already probably one of the strongest ones I've done.

(he helped me a little bit with the bottle, and a lot with the composition)

Apple and Teapot

View from the cabin, Cooper's Landing

Went on a fun trip to Alaska with my friends Rob and August. The area we went to, the Kenai Fjords peninsula is really stunning.

I didn't want to lug around a bunch of painting gear, so I brought a couple of sketchbooks and some watercolor. I must admit, watercolor is not my favorite painting medium. I still like the way this one came out though.

View from the cabin, Cooper's Landing, originally uploaded by flyingroc.

Iron Horse state Park

Iron Horse State Park is in Cle Elum, WA. It's on the site of an old railroad station, with a hiking trail that replaced the railroad tracks. It has a really nice view of the local peak called Peoh Point.

Peoh Point

Earlier in the day, it was pretty cloudy, and I set out to paint the typical Pacific Northwest scene. A lot of clouds, and a lot of green.

Northwest Landscape

Accepted to the Microsoft Employee Art Exhibit

I'm happy to report that this painting got accepted to the Microsoft Employee Art Exhibit! It will be exhibited along with about 40 other work by other Microsoft employees at the Microsoft Commons area.

Three pears, originally uploaded by flyingroc.


This was the last of my paintings for my oil painting class. I really enjoyed the class; technically, I still have one class left this Wednesday, but I'm going to go on a trip to Alaska with a couple friends! I don't think I'll bring my painting gear, but I hope to get a sketch or two in.

Clowns, originally uploaded by flyingroc.

Florida Shore

I painted this for my colleague who misses warm sunny Florida.

Florida Shore, originally uploaded by flyingroc.

By the Columbia River

I went to the Plein Air Washington event this weekend, the paint out was in Washington State Parks around the Columbia River Gorge. I did 3 paintings yesterday, and one today. The little one I did today is my favorite of the lot:

By the Columbia river
It was an exhausting (4.5 hours drive to get there) but fun time. There's a lot of really good artists in the Plein Air Washington group. I'm glad I was able to paint with them. 

Painting #100

According to flickr, this is the 100th painting I've added to my "paintings" set. I think I've gotten better at this painting thing.

It's been a little bit over 2 years ago that I took my first painting class. I've been obsessed ever since. Hopefully I can keep improving.

In a Bowl, originally uploaded by flyingroc.