Brief musings on the new year

The great thing about Chinese New Year is that I can post stuff about new year reflections a month late :). 2012 was an awesome year, the highlight of which has to be the trip to Europe with my parents, Martha, Marion, and Emil. It was such a blast; the snooty tour guide notwithstanding. I promise to post pictures... at some point in my life.

2012 also brought a slight change in my job, switching teams at Microsoft doing spoken dialog systems. It's a super crazy fun team; I hope I'll be able to talk more about what specifically I'm doing soon. The other thing I'm obsessed about, drawing and painting, I continue to do. Hopefully I'm improving.

What's new for this year of the snake? Well, I'm not good with new years resolutions... though I have a bet with Emil when we meet up again later this year. One that I think I'm losing, lol. I hope everyone has a great year ahead!


  1. More power!!! and will power too! Hehehe. Good luck and God bless you always!!!