Winter snow is falling...

For being so high up in latitude, the Seattle area doesn't really get much snow. We maybe get one or two snow events a year.

At church today, which is on top of a hill, the snow was really coming down. The priest joked that instead of a sermon, we could just watch the snow falling for 7 minutes. It's a wonder how snow brings such a sense of serenity.

I'm secretly hoping for enough snowfall that we get a snow day tomorrow! :)

Snow!, originally uploaded by flyingroc.


  1. Wow beautiful :) Everyone here feels winter has skipped over. Dropping temperatures lately though... I wonder if it will snow here.

  2. Make a snowman Roy! Hahaha! Snow is so exciting!!!

  3. Beautiful picture! Postcard pretty.

  4. Well you guys should come over and visit some winter. We can go up the mountains again if there's no snow here in the lowlands :).