It's a new year, let's begin

I'm off to a good start this year, visiting my cousin Anjing and her husband Mao in Vancouver. Another cousin Mel was there too, he was visiting from Calgary (this Pacific Northwest weather must have been warm for him!). Vancouver is a really nice place, it reminds me of Hong Kong a lot, especially the Richmond area. The food is great, and the company even better.

I guess I'm not dreaming, and I really have a green card. Going through immigration was a breeze. Quite a nice change after all these years where entering the US was a big pain in the butt.

My only resolution for 2012 is to face it with optimism. Let's begin...

Steam clock, originally uploaded by flyingroc.


  1. Glad you were able to come over and visit. We enjoyed your and Mel's visit!
    Until your next japadog meal!


  2. Great pic! greater company, thanks roy!