Painting with Gouache and an Altoids tin

I've seen a bunch of people online that have made their own watercolor travel palette with an altoids tin. Since I wanted to try out gouache (a kind of opaque water-soluble paint), I decided to make one of my own, and fill them with gouache!

Altoids painting system

Cool huh. This is what the trees looked like when finished:

Downtown Bellevue park

In case you're wondering, here are the colors in my palette:

My gouache palette

Here's another sketch in my sketchbook:

Bellevue Arts Museum

I really like how you can layer light over dark with gouache, I don't have to plan ahead as much.


  1. Really nice Roy. I like the colors of the trees etc. Nice strong water color painting. Maybe your pa will like to use the technique.

  2. Thanks Ma, gouache is just a kind of paint. I can buy Papa a set if he doesn't have one already. You can also simulate it by adding a little white on watercolors to get opaqueness.

  3. Your Papa said, no need to buy. He has plenty of watercolor sets, some of which are still untouched. If he needs it, he will just ask you to buy. Thanks anyway daw.

  4. Yeah, watercolors last a long time. Tell him don't be afraid to use a lot of paint ;)