Fun with pens

I've been doing a lot of sketching with these Pitt pens lately, it's a lot of fun.


And who says you can't erase with an ink drawing, there's always wite-out!


Art I like: Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

This is Thomas Moran's Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. I saw it at the Seattle Art Museum's current exhibit of landscape paintings called Beauty and Bounty. The image does not do justice to the subtlety of colors in this painting. If you're in the Seattle area, it's really worth your time to go see them.

Pike Place Market

This is a sketch from a photo that I took. Pike Place market is so much sensory overload, I don't know if I can draw it from life!

Sometimes the market feels like one giant tourist trap, but it's still one of my favorite places in Seattle.

Pike place market, originally uploaded by flyingroc.

Brushes and paint

Seems to me that my blog is turning into an art blog. I didn't really mean it to be that way, but if it's not obvious already, art's been what's on my mind lately.

Brushes and paint, originally uploaded by flyingroc.

Hands and feet

I'm tying to depict light and shadow using a pen. Ignore the brown blotches, they are from previous sketches on the sketchbook :). Ink is very black, so in theory you should be able to make really dramatic high contrast drawings with them. Somehow, thumbing through my sketchbooks, my pen drawings don't reflect that.

My hand is somewhat cramped...

I used to use just a regular pen from the office, but last week I bought these Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens. I don't think it's that much more different in terms of what you can draw out of them. But the Pitt pens sure feels nice to hold and to make a mark on paper. Which makes me want to draw more. Which, I suppose, is the point. 

Can't sleep, so I drew my feet

Painting with Gouache and an Altoids tin

I've seen a bunch of people online that have made their own watercolor travel palette with an altoids tin. Since I wanted to try out gouache (a kind of opaque water-soluble paint), I decided to make one of my own, and fill them with gouache!

Altoids painting system

Cool huh. This is what the trees looked like when finished:

Downtown Bellevue park

In case you're wondering, here are the colors in my palette:

My gouache palette

Here's another sketch in my sketchbook:

Bellevue Arts Museum

I really like how you can layer light over dark with gouache, I don't have to plan ahead as much.

At the Bellevue Arts Fair

Our little sketching group was at downtown Bellevue this weekend, sketching at the art fair. The art fair is huge, I wasn't able to see it all. Of the small number of booths I saw though, I think Ron Stocke stood out with really outstanding urban landscapes in watercolor.

I has a short conversation with another guy who was displaying California landscapes. When he found out that I painted as a hobby, he said it was good to find a pastime that was different from your job. He said since his job was painting, his hobby was playing tennis. I imagine painting all day then playing tennis is a fun way to live your life!

Lady with hat, originally uploaded by flyingroc.