Painting progress so far

Sometime in mid-January, I started taking a painting class at Bellevue College. Little did I know what sort of obsession it would bring. On our second session I was struggling with my first painting:

Work in progress

It just wasn't looking like what I wanted it to be. As I was trying to figure out what to do, our instructor Cecilia Cooney-Wickett asked "are you having fun?" And to my surprise, I was! Despite all the frustration and the struggle, I really get a "high" out of the painting process. And no, I wasn't sniffing the paint.

Since then, I've been painting a *lot*. I've done 35 mostly small acrylic paintings so far, and I think I've been improving since my first paintings. At least I hope I am, because while I enjoy the process a lot, I'd like to get at least somewhat proficient at it. Or else y'all will be subjected to looking at bad paintings for the foreseeable future.

From what I've been reading though, you do get better at painting with practice. In fact it seems that "easel time" and not talent is the biggest factor in getting good. Which is great, since I don't really see myself as talented.

Last Friday was the last painting class, and I've enjoyed it so much, I'm taking Cecilia's figure drawing class next. I expect to be able to draw like this after the class. ;)

Oh, and here's my latest painting: