Had a fun time in Amarillo, Texas, visiting my cousin Matt. The sky is so wide open in Texas, almost as if you can see all the way to heaven.

Palo Duro Canyon Park

We also drove to Lubbock to see Bibins, who I learned is now engaged. Congratulations! Matt got a speeding ticket on the way back to Amarillo. I didn't even realize we were going so fast--the roads were so straight and even. It was really good to have a change of scenery; the sun and the sky comes out so rarely in the winter here that I almost forgot what they looked like.

New Year's Resolutions

Last year's resolution was "keep a tidier apartment." I don't think I can say I kept that one. So this year's resolutions are hopefully easier to achieve--do more of things that feel good:

  • Read more, fill up that book collection
  • Travel more, even if it just means taking the ferry to Vashon island
  • Explore more restaurants
  • Pay off my car

And ultimately, have more fun.