Made from scratch ramen.

I love ramen, but the ones from a package leave something to be desired. I really wanted to have a chewy noodle that doesnt disintigrate into your soup. The kind you would get in a good noodle house.

Hand made egg noodles attempt 2

I've been reading the cookbook Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking recently, and thought the pasta recipe (2 parts egg, 3 parts flour, by weight) would make for good ramen. So I attempted to make the noodles last weekend. It turned out really well on my second attempt, even though the hand-cut noodles are sometimes wide and sometimes thin :). I put individual portions into sandwich bags and put them in the freezer.

Made from scratch ramen

Tonight, I tried making everything from scratch. Made the vegetable broth, cooked some pork, boiled the noodles, and put them all together. Took an hour to make everything! It was a meditative process though, so it's ok. The end result was surprisingly edible. Maybe the noodles were a tad bit too al-dente and I might have added a bit too much soy sauce on the broth, but it is definitely better than Maruchan.


  1. You should watch "ramen girl", nice movie :) - tom

  2. ang galeng galeng! I want to repeat this ... (looking at my calendar with hopeless optimism)