cuisine du jour

I'm gonna jump the shark on new year's resolutions and start blogging more. So my good friend Rob is working in Seattle now, and I have an excuse to go cross the bridge and eat at Seattle's many many restaurants.

I've been eating at a lot of French ones lately. Cafe Presse, Le Pichet, Cafe Campagne, The Artisanal Brasserie, and even Taste the Moment here in Redmond. They're all good, though the quail in Cafe Presse deserves special mention for being really good.

Escargot, however, is sadly disappointing. I'd rather have a plate of kuhol where you tease out the meat from the snail with a toothpick.

Speaking of French food, I've been trying to make Bechamel using lactose-free milk (the kind I usually have at home), and it's too sweet. I guess I can sneak out some free milk from Microsoft just for making sauce!

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