Christmas 2009

Noche buena picture taking

Had Christmas eve dinner with Joel, Julie, Rob, and Cindy. I tried making lechon kawali, and it sort of kind of worked, but it took way too long to fry the pork, and the oil splattered all over my kitchen. It was still fun to have xmas with good friends. Yes, that's San Miguel beer on the table, imported from Manila, $9.50—about 400 pesos—for six bottles!

After dinner we went to have midnight mass (which was actually held at midnight) at the local church (St. Jude, patron of the hopeless). Including Cindy, who was curious about how Catholics celebrated Christmas. She endured mass for an hour, which is remarkable, given how many people actually avoid going to mass.

Just like last year, I put up the tree barely in time for Christmas.

O Christmas tree

Today, a gang of Filipinos had another party at the billiards room downstairs. Fun... billiards, poker, and karaoke. I got the lowest scores at karaoke; I'm better at pusoy dos. Tess promised pictures on facebook. All in all, a busier Christmas than I expected this year. Probably a good thing for this old hermit.


  1. Merry Christmas Roy !!! Glad you had good friends and company this Christmas :)Keep us posted.

  2. Merry Christmas :) Your tree looks pretty decent!

  3. Thanks for a great Christmas dinner! I guess I endured the ceremony because I am not obliged to go every year! Next year I am going to spend it in some other way :P

  4. SMB is about $2-3 dollars cheaper here in California for a 6 pack. --- Anging

  5. Merry Christmas Roy!!!! Old Hermit indeed!!! - Emil