Book buying binge + building a library

So yesterday, I went on a book buying binge. I got:

I imagine all but one of them are part of a high school reading list. All but two of them I bought from a a used books store. I've read all of them, except for Gravity's Rainbow, which I plan to read on the plane to Texas next week.

One of my new year's resolutions is to start a personal library. It's not gonna be like this guy's library, but a modest one where I have copies of all the good books that I've read and enjoyed.

The plan is to mostly acquire them cheaply, from second hand stores. I got a ways to go, I think. Off the top of my head, I'm looking for copies of Flowers for Algernon, A Brave New World, and the Robert Fitzgerald translation of the Aeneid. Oh and a bunch of Shakespeare.


  1. Is that a chrsitmas wish list?? hahaha - Emil

  2. This is my Christmas wish, hahahaha. But seriously, I've always loved getting books from people :). Hard-bound would be nice, signed first editions even better. :P