My profile

So many in my team went on this personality profile training (Insights Discovery). As part of it, we got a 22-page personality profile. I thought I'd upload it and let you decide if it's accurate. So here it is; there's at least one thing in there that's absolutely wrong. But in general I thought is was insightful.

Not sure that I learned anything that I didn't know though.


  1. Most of the traits are true but a few might not be right.
    1. You don't make effort to remember names and faces. hahaha!
    I don't really know for sure now because you might have changed in that aspect presently. hehehe

  2. i shouldn't call on you uninvited?

    what do those colors mean? tobi is more director, and i'm more like you. does that mean opposites attract?

  3. You're always welcome to visit, Mae :)