Taste the Moment

One good thing about moving to a new neighborhood is the opportunity to explore it. Today, I discovered Taste the Moment restaurant, about a block away from my apartment. It's a real cute place, it feels like you're eating in a dollhouse.

Taste the moment II

I had brunch there, ordered the eggs benedict, and it was yummy.


  1. Oh, found the apartment pics. *sheepish grin* Good luck on getting in order. :D

  2. for the record, the picture in this post is *not* my apartment. lol I do have some more pics of my place, I'll post them soon.

  3. I know; I can't imagine you living with this type of decor. Well, I can, but you'll live there only for a couple of days, then you'll convulse from blood sugar overload.
    We're also moving this month to a bigger apartment and will be around Tokyo for sometime more. You are still welcome to visit us. Is it really true that the US is going to collect a tourist fee of about $10 for tourists visiting the States?