You never really realize how much stuff you got until you move.

Nearly all my worldy possessions

Most of the boxes are marked "kitchen". The new apartment has a smaller kitchen with fewer storage. Wonder how I'll fare.

The new pad

Oh well, I guess I'll find out.

Omelette almost totally unlike Julia Child's

Inspired by the movie, I attempted to make an omelette just like Julia Child made it. I ended up with this sorry looking thing. I think the pan wasn't hot enough, and I kept the eggs in too long. Also, I put too much butter that wasn't that fresh anymore. Oh well, maybe I'll attempt it again after I move :)

Omelette, originally uploaded by flyingroc.

Here's Julia making an omelette, the right way.

Unexpected Lechon

Yesterday, Joel and I went to the Filipino Community Center in Seattle, because we heard the consul would be there and we could register to vote. But it turned out when we got there around lunch time that they consuls have left for California already. However, the people there were having lunch, and in the typical Filipino fashion, shared their lunch with us, which turned out to be lechon.

It's not the best lechon in the world, not like the kind Anthony Bourdain rhapsodized about. But it was lechon nonetheless, a whole roast pig. A few stragglers were there too--a couple of nuns also missed the voters registration. Oh well, they will do another one in November; not sure whether that qualifies me to vote for the elections next year, tho.

Getting a new lease

Signed the lease today, moving to a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Redmond. Should save me a few hundred dollars a month in rent. Gotta start packing things up... I should move every couple of years so that I can re-evaluate the stuff that I have.

I'm hoping this blog gets a new lease, too. Gotta have more inane ramblings. So what should I talk about in this blog?

Julie and Julia

I saw Julie and Julia tonight. Friends at work were joking about how it was a "chick flick". Yeah, it is, but how can I *not* watch a movie about Julia Child? It was a good movie. I am not usually a fan of Meryl Streep, but she did justice to the role here.

After watching the movie, I felt like I should be cooking more. Ah well, perhaps after I move next week.

Here's a video of Julia Child:

"Save up to null on your car insurance"

LOL just goes to show, they never really read these things. This should remind us all that when dealing with numbers especially floating point, we should be careful about Not-A-Number values. Reminds me of this article by Gary Leavens.

photo, originally uploaded by flyingroc.

The cost of software error

It's about $500 Million for Social Security. What's the likelihood that two people have the same name and birth date? And what's the likelihood that one of them is a felon?
The lead plaintiff in the class-action suit, Rosa Martinez, 52, of Redwood City, Calif., was cut off from her $870 monthly disability benefit check in January 2008 because the system had flagged an outstanding drug warrant in 1980 for a Rosa Martinez from Miami. An investigation showed that the warrant was for a different Rosa Martinez. Martinez tried for months to convince officials that she was innocent but failed.
(via slashdot)