Back from vacation

My wonderful vacation was punctured by a tragic event. My nephew Tyler, born with a congenital heart defect, passed away after surgery. Angel and Tom are heartbroken, but determined to persevere with life, I think. I'm praying for them.

Aside from that tragedy though, my vacation was great. I got to spend time with my family and friends. Got to go home to my home town of Cotabato City, got through singing on stage at my father's birthday without any scars, and even spent a day at the beach (Pearl Farm beach resort).

And all the food! It seems that just as one meal is ending, another one is about to start. In many ways, our lives in the Philippines is one of incredible luxury. We have maids to wash our clothes, cook our food, and clean our house. We have a driver to chauffeur us around. Food is cheap *and* good. If only we could fix government corruption, traffic, and pollution.

Now it's back to work, hopefully with renewed vigor and passion. I considered not coming back to the US and decided not to give Shaun a heart attack :P. Thanks to everyone who made the trip so wonderful. To the friends I didn't get to meet, let's do it next time!