The travails of shoe shopping

I have small wide feet, and they're hard to find shoes for. So the annual shopping for a pair of "leather shoes" and a pair of "rubber shoes" went the usual way--frustrating. Shoes that I liked didn't fit, and shoes that fit were horrible. So finally decided to see if online shopping might be better. I ordered two pairs of shoes from One pair looked really good, but were so narrow that I had to return them.

Thankfully, the other one, a pair of Teva hiking shoes actually fit. So now I feel ready to climb Mount St. Helens.

Shoe shopping online verdict: still frustrating, but possible.


  1. Have you tried New Balance, Hi-Tec, Asolo or Merrell? Hmm....forgot the other brands that create the same profile as your foot.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, Alan. What about for dressier shoes?

  3. mean for formal/casual occasions? florsheim hasn't failed me yet. although it's a little pricey :p