After complaining about not having time to read, I spent midnight to 5am reading the Watchmen earlier today, so that I could watch the movie. The book was awesome, but I have mixed feelings about the movie. I liked how they hewed pretty close to the graphic novel, but then again by doing so it may have made it a more difficult movie to watch for those who do not already know the story.

On the other hand so much of the original story had to be cut out to fit everything in 2.5 hours (which is already pretty lengthy movie). I wonder if a mini-series would have been a better format for the movie. Plus it's kinda sad that the ending was slightly different. While the giant psychic squid would be a little weird, it's really no weirder than people running around in costumes fighting crime.

In the end I enjoyed the movie for its cinematography (it's gorgeous), and characters (excellently portrayed by the actors). If you liked the book, watch the movie. If you haven't read the book, read it first, then watch the movie.

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