One Pot Penne Puttanesca

This is something I like to make when I go home late and a little bit tired, since it's an easy one-pot meal. And it is made from stuff in your pantry, so you can still make it even if you're running out of fresh ingredients.

2 handful of penne
1 can Diced tomatoes
Chili flakes
Minced garlic
Olive oil

To make things a little bit more interesting, I thought I'd take some pictures of the cooking process this time. In a small pot or saucepan, sautee some garlic:

Sautee some garlic

Yes, it's minced garlic from a jar... don't really feel like chopping them, most days. Dump a can of diced tomatoes in there, don't worry about draining:

Dump a can of diced tomatoes

Put in a couple of handfuls of pasta. Or just one handful if you have big hands.

One handful of pasta Another handful of pasta

Stir the ingredients, season, and cover the pot. Lower the heat.


Cook until the pasta absorbs most of the excess liquid. If you think it's a little too al-dente, add a few tablespoons of water. Then, when it's cooked, add some capers and chili flakes.

Add capers Add chili flakes

And we're done! Easy peasy. You might want to put some anchovies in there, with the tomato sauce. I like to eat it with some toast. If the bowl below is the size of your serving, there is enough for two. Personally, I just eat it all myself.

Penne Puttanesca


  1. hmm...nice, i never thought of cooking pasta with the tomatoes. normally we'd still cook the sauce and the pasta separately.

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  3. Heh, I usually make pasta sauce separately from the pasta too, but sometimes just get too tired/lazy to cook stuff the normal way.

  4. I think I need to try this recipe sometimes soon

  5. Hey, glad to see your posting issues fixed. :)