Going to Denver

Headed to Denver tomorrow, where I'm going to present a paper for ICST, the International Conference on Software Testing. The paper (An Automated Black Box Testing Tool for a Parallel Programming Library), written by me, fellow tester Pooja and our manager Shaun, is about testing PLINQ using an automated test case generation tool called SLUG. One thing I'm grateful for in my work at Microsoft is that I've been able to apply a few things from my previous life as a researcher that has proven pretty effective in practice.

Being in industry is a lot different from being a grad student. For one, I have hard deadlines, and my manager actually expects me to get things done. The nitty gritty of actually testing a technology that is going to be released to the world requires plenty of work that can at times be tedious and tiresome. But it also is incredibly satisfying to know that your work matters, and has impact on a large number of people.

In our team, we have a lot of freedom to apply our creativity and knowledge to the job at hand. That's what we did in developing the tool we discuss in the paper. Hopefully, by the time we ship, it will have helped in making a stable and reliable set of parallelism API that everyone can enjoy.

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