Bridge over Sammamish River (sold)

This was one of my first attempts to combine my passions of riding a bicycle and paint plein air. Thanks to my friend Dan who bought this painting after seeing me post it on Facebook 

6x8 acrylic on carton panel

Father and Child

I’ve been painting again! I have sort of fell out of the habit of painting with only doing sporadic work  in the last couple of years. But this year I resolved to do at least 100 paintings. This is #27, ‘Father and Child’

I’ve been posting my paintings on Facebook, but thought I should start posting my work on here also.  So people can find it without having to be on social media. Unlike posting on Facebook posting on a website is kind of a lonely endeavor, you post something and wonder if anyone out there will ever see it. But I’m tired of this blog being stale, so here’s a painting for you :)

At the gallery

I am really honored, and to be honest, quite surprised that my work got selected into the Meadows to Mountains show that Plein Air Washington held this year. Being on the same walls as so many of the artists that I admire is quite the thrill.

Last year, my entry was rejected, and this year it was accepted. It could just be chance that this year's jurors liked my painting, and last year's did not. But I hope it means that I've grown as a painter.

Time for apples

When I was a kid growing up in the Philippines, apples were kind of special. It was a fruit from a faraway temperate climate country. It was expensive and a special treat that you might get to eat at Christmas time. Over the years though, apples got abundant, and now you can get apples pretty much cheaply at any time you want.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, I know it's fall when the grocery store piles the apples up high. And I am reminded that I live in an incredibly abundant time and in an incredibly abundant place. I am quite thankful for that.

The Mountain Beyond

A few weeks back we had a most fun paintout at the Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan area, stayinga the mountaineers lodge there with a large group of artists. The mountain in the background here is Mt. Shuksan. This scene was so captivating I did two paintings of it. In this one, I chose to do a fairly abstract treatment, but hopefully still recognizable as a landscape.

I find this area so inspiring. And to be able to experience it with other artists is an honor and a blessing.

Clouds over Whistler

It is sometimes hard to carve out time to paint when you are traveling with non-artist friends. But on a recent Labor Day trip with some good friends to Whistler, BC, my friends graciously let me paint for a couple hours. This was the result of that effort. It was cold and cloudy up on that mountain, but thankfully it did not rain.


The biggest challenge for me in this painting was trying to figure out how to separate the sky from the mountains when the snow caps and the light part of the sky had practically the same values. I don't think I succeeded completely here, but hopefully it still has the sense of being up on a mountain on a cloudy day.


As it starts to get colder, I guess I'm starting to gravitate back to still life and figurative painting, though this one was done a few weeks ago. Do I have a style? I kind of think I do, even though I haven't really been focusing on developing one.